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Professional Social Network


How can we ensure the reliability and validity of the information found on LinkedIn?

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Research and Design


3 weeks


Sophia Eunwoo Choi
Yoon Woo Seo
Sara Sohari
Hannah Kim

Project Brief

Creating a trusting platform

Our objective was to create an opportunity audit from the former project. Previously, we dived into different opportunities and for this project, we wanted to focus on the opportunity of TRUST, RELIABILITY AND VALIDITY.


LinkedIn, the world of mass-information. How can we build trust and credibility with our audience on LinkedIn?

What becomes possible when LinkedIn profiles, experiences, skills, and endorsements are validated?

Current Business Model Map: Based on Trust

Linkedin gives you an opportunity to expand your networking group and seek opportunities. But can you guarantee that everything you see online is true? As a user or a recruiter wanting to connect we assume we can trust ones profile.

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User Journey Map: Customer Relationships

How do users build trust and credibility within their direct & Indirect network?

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Level of Trust in LinkedIn

Visualizing the depth of trust within the different stages of Linkedin

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User profile prompts

Integrating OpenAI’s API with access to GPT-3, to LinkedIn to validate profile information.

AI Validation

Access to employee data

GPT-3 is a self learning text generating neural network that is based on 175 billion parameters.

Automatized profile validation through natural language processing user’s profile prompts through GPT-3. AI synthesizing user information with access to company’s data in order to validate information.

Opportunity User Journey Map

With these new opportunities, how does trust and credibility change within their direct & Indirect network?

Here is the full documentation of this project
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