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The Richly Augmented Future Enterprise

Creating a new business model with new upcoming technology.

Phase 1

Smart Kitchen

My team and I looked into many methods to improve the experience at home as smart homes become more common. One area of concern is the underuse of our kitchens, which has caused us to depend more on food delivery services, which has increased the use of outdoor dining and unhealthy habits.


To address this issue, we proposed a solution that leverages the capabilities of smart kitchens to promote healthier habits and to practice sustainability for our users.

Phase 2

Food as an Experience

Smart kitchen for the near future, but what would it look like in the distant future?

Introducing a new dining experience that brings the outdoor dining ambiance into your house using cutting-edge technology including virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. Our idea is a preview of the way restaurants will operate in the future, fusing technology with the culinary arts to improve the entire dining experience.

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